Although it didn't exactly set the world on fire when it was first released, The Accountant subsequently found an audience through rentals - yes, people actually rent movies (although they usually do it through streaming services) - and became something of a sleeper hit in the process.

Figures released by Variety have it that the Ben Affleck-starring thriller was the top title in the rental market for 2017, with Disney's Moana falling in second place with Beauty & The Beast in third. As for physical sales, Moana took the top title whilst Rogue One: A Star Wars Story took second with Wonder Woman in third.

Not surprisingly however, Variety's figures - which were pulled from a report by the MPAA - don't include how many units were sold in physical terms or how many times The Accountant was rented. However, the MPAA's figures claim that a total of $18.5 billion was spent on digital entertainment and downloads whilst $8.9 billion was spent on physical copies, down 16% on last year's figures.

So, over to you, did you end up watching The Accountant after we ended up giving it four stars?


Via Variety