If you somehow made it through the early '00s without seeing the first Matrix film, then this means pretty nothing to you.

The Nokia 8110 - commonly referred to as the banana phone - featured in a major sequence in the Wachowskis' thrilling sci-fi blockbuster, which saw Keanu Reeves receive instructions from Laurence Fishburne to escape a building.

It even had a receiver that made a FLICK! noise when it opened out. Very cool. Here's the scene in question.

So, as early '00s nostalgia is now a marketable thing to sell to thirty-somethings with too much money, Nokia is bringing back the 8110, complete with 4G Internet and that same FLICK! noise when it opens.

HMD Global acquired the rights to a number of Nokia phones and last year successfully relaunched the 3310 - yes, the indestructible one - for those people who, well, needed a phone that couldn't be broken.

Speaking at the launch, HMD Global CEO Florian Seiche said that "Nokia had these very iconic design legends and different people remember the 8110 for different reasons — but, certainly it's a lot about that emotional factor."

"But, actually it is also in Western markets, it's more as a lifestyle secondary phone and bringing it with 4G and Wi-Fi and some key apps people use everyday, it can now be a true secondary device. But in some of the emerging markets, it is still a primary device."

There's no word yet on whether or not the phone will be available in Ireland, but if you mysteriously receive one in the post and Laurence Fishburne is at the other end of the line, RUN.


Via cnbc