Sorry to burst your bubble, folks, but we're pretty sure that's just weird-looking kid who looks like Matt Damon.

This image went viral over the past 24 hours and claimed to be an image of 12-year old Matt Damon, complete with goofy-looking glasses and what we're assuming is some kind of rat-tail hairdo. Here's said image in all of its untold glory.

Now, we've done a little bit of research and basically, we can't find any other images of Matt Damon that confirm this is him. In fact, a TinEye Reverse Image search backdates this image to 2015 when it was posted by a BuzzFeed employee on their Twitter. We're not able to see exactly what it was, but we're reasonably able to assume it had nothing to do with Matt Damon.

Anyway, we've searched around for a few images of Matt Damon as a child and, well, they look nothing like whoever that is.

Here's one.

And here's another.

Like we said, seems pretty clear that they're not the same person - as much we want to believe it to be true.

Matt Damon, step forward and debunk this image once and for all.