If you ever thought to yourself that Nicolas Cage simply isn't enough films, then friend, you're in luck because technology has just remedied your problems once and for all.

By using deep-learning and artificial intelligence (which is basically along the lines of the same technology that Snapchat uses for those facial mask thingys), there's now an app that'll project anyone's face into any scene in a film and effectively replace their face with whatever they desire.

In this instance, it's Nicolas Cage - but, really, it could be anyone's face. It could, with the right lighting and image size, even be your face.

Take a look at a few examples and you'll see what we mean.


Of course, while it's all gas that Nicolas Cage is being plastered into scenes he's never been involved with, the actual germ from which this all sprang is downright creepy. Essentially, the process was initially used for making fake celebrity porn. The process was used to splice actors' likeness into porn scenes.

Wired recently did a piece on how the law on the whole thing is pretty murky, as the technology is so cutting-edge, there's literally no legislation to stop people doing it. While stuff like the above is the more palatable end of the spectrum, there's some pretty dark stuff being made out of the technology.


Via Wired