Well, this certainly bodes well for fans of Deadpool.

With the sequel featuring Ryan Reynolds' foul-mouthed superhero pretty much done and dusted, it's now at the 'test screening' stage - where the finished product (or very close to it - sometimes alternate cuts are screened for different audiences) is shown to audiences to gauge their reaction. Filmmakers can then decide to make changes to the cut or proceed with the one that scored highest, depending on the feedback they get.

THR reports that although the film isn't released until this summer, four early test screenings have seen it score even higher than the original. Two scored 91/100 and 97/100, while two different cuts were screened simultaneously in Dallas and scored 98/100 and 94/100. It's believed that producers are going with the cut that scored 98 for release.

The highest score that the original received in test screenings was 91 and it still earned $783 million worldwide - so needless to say, expectations are high for the sequel. Audiences reported the atmosphere as "being electric" and "akin to watching the Super Bowl."

No pressure, so.