Tessa Thompson and Michael B. Jordan both play two of the best characters to appear in the Marvel Universe in the recent years. You can also catch them together in Stallone's newest film, 'Creed II'. IGN saved some time, and had the actors interview each-other.

Thor: Ragnarok introduced the character Valkyrie into the Marvel Universe, to roaring support from fans. While the character has been kept quiet ever since, we'll likely see Thompson's character return for next year's conclusion to 'Avengers: Infinity War'.

Jordan's baddie Killmonger was also praised by fans of the franchise. Black Panther's nemesis was a refreshing bad guy in an over-cluttered Marvel world. His actions in 'Black Panther' made you think - is what he's doing really that bad?

Bringing two fan favourites together is a stroke of genius, and that's what IGN have done with their latest interview. The actors ask each-other mostly boxing and movie-related questions, which is to promote their new movie sequel, 'Creed II'. Questions such as "What would your boxing nickname be?" and of course "Who would win in a fight - Killmonger or Valkyrie?"

Check it out below.