If you're going to see 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' in Irish cinemas this weekend, you're in for a special treat if you happen to see it in IMAX.

Per a number of sources, a 6-minute preview of Christopher Nolan's upcoming sci-fi thriller 'Tenet' is showing on some IMAX screenings of 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' here in Ireland. We know of at least two locations so far that have shown the 'Tenet' prologue, one of them being Cineworld on Parnell Street.

The scene itself appears to be a prologue for 'Tenet', and while it doesn't give much in the way of the story away, you do begin to get a sense of what the movie is actually about. If you're one of those people who'd rather go into a movie without knowing anything about it whatsoever, you're probably better off not reading on any further.





So, the 6-minute preview is essentially made up of footage that we think is the opening scene of 'Tenet'. It's set inside an opera house in Eastern Europe - possibly Estonia, as set footage from 'Tenet' was captured - where a group of terrorists seize control of the building.

All of this is being observed by a SWAT team in a black van outside the building, which just so happens to have a group of Americans among them led by John David Washington. Just as the local SWAT teams begin to descend on the building, John David Washington and his team jump out of the van, slap some local police insignia on and join the charge on the building.

The terrorists start deploying sleeping gas in the auditorium, which knocks everyone out, except for a VIP who's in a sealed box which is where John David Washington and his team are headed. Even though they exchange codewords, the VIP doesn't seem to trusting of him.

Anyway, Washington begins to move him out of the auditorium and sure enough, leads them into the middle of a gunfight. The VIP then pretends to fall asleep while the terrorists start planting devices next to chairs in the auditorium. Initially, you think they're bombs or something but that's when the weirdness kicks in.

Time basically begins to rewind itself in the auditorium, with bullet holes disappearing, while one of Washington's team begins to change out of his SWAT team uniform and into a suit who's then walked out of the building by his team while the original VIP is left behind. The building explodes, and as they walk the SWAT team guy now in a suit out, the van driver from the very beginning clocks that they've got the wrong man.

Like we said, it's weird. The preview then cuts to various action scenes from the movie, some of which were in the trailer that debuted earlier this week and some you haven't seen before.

The trailer definitely has serious 'Inception' vibes, what with all the heist stuff, the suits, the weirdness with the action, all of it. Of course, this being a Christopher Nolan movie, your guess is as good as ours as to what's actually going on with it.

IMAX have released zero information on where the preview is showing, and like we said, it appears that some IMAX screenings have it and some don't, so your best chance is to head along to one and hope for the best.

'Tenet' arrives in Irish cinemas on July 17th, 2020.