The release date of Christopher Nolan's new epic has changed release date yet again.

For what will *hopefully* be its final release date change, 'Tenet' has been pushed back two weeks until August 12 worldwide. The subject of whether the movie would stick to its July release has been a sore subject for Nolan and Warner Bros. in recent weeks, and this new sting in the tail means that the movie has now been delayed for nearly a month, if we take its original release date into account.

Originally set to release on July 17 before cinemas around the world closed their doors for months, the movie was on track to stick to this date. However, the movie was then pushed back until July 31, and now it's been kicked down a further two weeks more.

"Warner Bros. is committed to bringing 'Tenet' to audiences in theatres, on the big screen, when exhibitors are ready and public health officials say it's time," a studio spokesperson said in a statement to Entertainment Weekly.

The news is mostly down to the US receiving recent spikes in COVID-19 cases, meaning that worldwide releases of films such as this one will suffer. Many countries are beginning to see cinemas move to open their doors once again over the coming month, and here in Ireland they are allowed to do such a service from Monday, June 29. However, many businesses are choosing to delay their openings until July (you can read a full run-down of which cinemas will open on what date here).

The likes of Disney's 'Mulan' and its release date is up in the air at the moment also, with the studio wishing to release the live-action movie in cinemas when it is safe to do so.