As always, you have to admire how good Christopher Nolan is at utterly locking story details when it comes to his movies.

With the exception of 'Dunkirk', both 'Interstellar' and 'Inception' arrived in cinemas with almost zero knowledge as to what those movies were about. Hell, 'Interstellar' had Matt Damon turn up out of nowhere half-way through it and he wasn't even mentioned in a single poster or interview.

His latest movie, 'Tenet', is being loosely described as an action blockbuster and comes with a pretty decent cast. Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, 'Blackkklansman' lead John David Washington, and Nolan stalwart Michael Caine. However, the most recent bit of gossip surrounding 'Tenet' comes in the form of its budget.

As previously confirmed, 'Tenet' is going to be filmed across seven countries - including the UK, Estonia, Italy and India - and has a reported budget of $225 million, which is the highest amount Nolan's ever had to make a movie for a non-franchise movie. 'Dunkirk', for example, had around $120 million whilst 'The Dark Knight Rises' was made for $230 million after tax credits and rebates.

In an interview with Estonian state broadcaster ERR, Finance Minister Martin Helme explained how the production of 'Tenet' will boost local economy in the country, and revealed the massive production budget involved in the movie. Forking over that kind of movie for an original idea is pretty much unheard of nowadays in movie studios, as very often, it's either got to be part of some major franchise or the beginning of one.

Again, since we know so little about 'Tenet', it's hard to know if that's the case or if it's simply a standalone movie. Given how Nolan appears to be pretty much done with franchises after 'The Dark Knight Rises', the latter is more likely.

'Tenet' is set for release on July 17th, 2020.