Dublin-based experimental filmmaker Rouzbeh Rashidi has become recognized as one of the most radical and uncompromisingly independent talents in contemporary underground cinema. Eschewing traditional narrative, he roots his style in the poetic interaction of sound, image and atmosphere. Visually and sonically hypnotic, his films provide uniquely intense sensorial experiences that question everything you ever took for granted about cinema.

Ten Years in the Sun is Rashidi’s most extreme and ambitious film to date. In an absurdist and fragmented plot, Nicholas Fox (Dean Kavanagh) seeks to make contact with the legendary villains Scorpio (Rashidi himself) and Boris Remy (Maximilian Le Cain) through the intercession of the insane Sergeant-Major Barrett (John Curran).

At the same time, the universe collapses into a random series of incompatible image systems. The resulting film is a sensory onslaught that combines a homage to the subversive humour of Luis Buñuel and Joao Cesar Monteiro with the visionary scope of a demented science fiction epic in meltdown.


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