Another High School Reunion flick is on the way, which sadly, doesn't sound at all like (the all kinds of brilliant) Grosse Point Blank. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Channing Tatum is working developing the project, Ten Year, an ensemble drama about friends reuniting a decade after their graduation.

The cast are by no means locked, but names like Chris Pine, Anna Faris, Scott Porter, and Tatum's wife, Jenna Dewan (she busted a move with him in the original Step Up), are all tentatively attached. The script has been scribbled by Jamie Liden, who previously penned Dear John and We Are Marshall. Let's hope no one dies during this one, in a desperate attempt to squeeze an emotional response from the audience. Liden will also helm. 

Shooting is scheduled to begin in November, but will depend on the availability of the cast.