Ahead of the release of Taken 2, which sees Liam Neeson beat seven shades of shit out of half of Istanbul, it was a great honour to sit down with the man himself for a quick chat. At 60 years of age and 6 foot 3, Neeson is currently one of if not thee most sought after action heroes in Hollywood; something he can thank his role as Bryan Mills for. Although he didn't quite fancy the idea of making a sequel for sequel's sake, Neeson is back in action for Taken 2, however this time, it's his daughter Kim who must save the day. Neeson spoke to me about how he never envisioned that Taken would change the trajectory of his career in the way that it has, he suggested that after having such a good time working with Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant on Life's Too Short that a comedy movie is something he might try next and he spoke about his childhood heroes.

Taken 2 hits cinemas this Friday, you can check out our review here and watch the full exclusive interview here. I also had the pleasure of catching up with Olivier Metagon, director of Taken 2. Find out what makes Liam Neeson the perfect action hero in our conversation here.