Considering Thor Ragnarok has brought the hammer down on the box office (HAH!), Taika Waititi's dance card is now quickly filling up with interesting projects for the forseeable future.

As we previously reported, he's got the stop-motion film about Michael Jackson's pet chimp Bubbles (yes, really), the long-awaited live-action adaptation of Akira, and now a sequel to What We Do In The Shadows. Confirming the rumours in an interview with ">BUILD Series, Waititi explained that the film is called We're Wolves and will be co-directed with Jermaine Clement.

"Basically, it follows the werewolves, the group of werewolves... the movie is called We're Wolves. We are wolves. We're wolves. It's a wordplay. Geddit?" Yes, Taika Waititi, we get it and we're loving it. As Waititi pointed out in the interview, What We Do In The Shadows took almost six years to write and the process for We're Wolves is likely going to be just as slow.

Considering Jermaine Clement's got Flight of the Conchords back on his plate, a second season of Legion to contend with, and who knows what else, don't expect to see We're Wolves in cinemas any time soon.