Forget the bandana. Forget the jade necklace thing and forget the bullet belts. Forget everything that sticks out in your mind as John Rambo because 'Rambo V' is clearly stripping all of what made it so iconic away and going for... a cowboy look?

The first official promo image from Sylvester Stallone's latest offering sees John Rambo looking like he's about to either head on stage at Nashville or possibly teach a line-dancing class at Break For The Border circa 1994. Either way, it's markedly different from the '80s look, so maybe that's a good thing? Who knows.

Take a look and judge for yourself.

As previously reported, 'Rambo V' will be set on the Mexican border and sees John Rambo - still retired from all the killing he did in the '80s for America - trying to eke out an existence as a rancher when his friend's daughter is kidnapped by the Mexican Cartel. Naturally enough, that ticks off John Rambo and he's got to on a kill-crazy rampage to get her back.

If you're thinking to yourself, "Hey, this is basically the plot of 'Taken' except it's Rambo!", then get in line because you're not the first to think that. With filming underway, it looks like Stallone is back behind the camera as IMDb lists him and Adrian Grunberg - who also directed 'Get The Gringo' with Mel Gibson - as directors.

No release date has been set for 'Rambo V'.