Typically speaking, we don't cover political stories on entertainment.ie because, well, it's in the name.

However, Donald Trump's really making our life difficult because so many of his escapades bleed into the things we cover - television, movies, celebrity culture, pop culture, weird stuff on the Internet - that we're now forced, if you like, to take notice of him and report the news.

Trump's making some strange choices for cabinet positions and it's no surprise that both the major and the more ancillary roles are going to be filled up with his supporters - one of which was Sylvester Stallone, who publicly endorsed Donald Trump in an interview with Variety around this time last year.

According to various reports, the President-elect has offered the star of Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot a major position, possibly even the chair of the National Endowment For The Arts. The NEA, as it's more typically known, is a federal program that offers funding to artists in the US and provides access to arts educations for grant recipients.

The role has to be confirmed by the Senate, which isn't much of a task considering most of the Senate is now under Republican control, however it's not yet known if Stallone will take on the job. Stallone is well-known in acting circles for his keen interest in art, so it's not all that surprising that Stallone would be considered for the role. Not only that, Stallone has been an outspoken supporter of the Republican Party as a whole for many, many years and he actively endorsed and campaigned for John McCain during the 2008 election against Barack Obama.

Stallone has yet to publicly comment on the job offer.


Via Deadline