At this stage, we're thinking we should just look away and let Eddie Murphy and Brett Ratner get their stuff together.

Beverly Hills Cop 4 is having one of the most spotty productions in recent memory. It originally began as a follow-up, then a TV series and now it's back to a movie. Oh, wait - it's now being postponed indefinitely.

Murphy, who played Detective Axel Foley in the three previous entries, has said that he's not prepared to get to work on the film unless it's absolutely perfect.

What's more, he's read some scripts already and has said that they're good, but that he's not prepared to do it unless he's perfect.

That's admirable and all, but where was this attitude and scrutiny five, ten years ago?

Anyway, Paramount have pulled BHC4 from their release schedule for the year and all signs indicate that the film is off the boil for the moment.

At this stage, do we even care? If this is going to be the turnaround for Eddie Murphy, we can understand why he's holding off on it. That makes sense.

But at this stage, it's a case of sh** or get off the pot.