The Sundance Film Festival is just winding down, as once again, few films found themselves purchased with the festival still ongoing.

Last year was similar, with downbeat titles like Precious failing to bag distribution until after screenings had stopped. The reason for this is apparently the tone, as major studios struggle to find a way to market films that don't have an obvious selling point. This year the Ben Affleck/Tommy Lee Jones starring drama The Company Men has been garnering rave reviews, with Affleck's performance particularly lauded. But despite it's obviously relevance, and a starry cast, studios are hesitant to stump up the clams.

That said, the Ryan Reynolds starring high concept, low budget thriller Buried has found a home at Lionsgate after a screening impressed buyers. The film see's Reynolds playing a contractor in Iraq who is buried alive with just a lighter and a mobile phone. It's unclear how much of the film is set in the coffin, but the actors presence alone will ensure a audience.