What better place to shove the blame to when a movie you're looking forward to seeing is getting terrible reviews than a website that aggregates all the reviews into a thermometer score?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rotten Tomatoes, a website which famously aggregates the reviews but does not actually review movies themselves are being scapegoated by the DC faithful after the latest installment in the DC superhero universe received mostly negative reviews from critics. 

The film currently sits at 35% on the website which although an improvement on Batman v Superman's 27% is a major disappointment for both fans and studio Warner Bros. alike who had high hopes for the supervillain team up movie. 

DC fans are not prepared to take this lying down though, one fan who claims to be from Egypt has set up a petition on Change.org to have Rotten Tomatoes taken down. The fan cites that the website's critics "always give The DC Extended Universe movies unjust Bad Reviews," and that this affects people's opinions even though the movies are "great."

At the time of writing, the petition has over 7,000 signatures. Just 439 shy of it's goal. 

Many have questioned the validity of the petition considering Rotten Tomatoes doesn't actually review films but the petition's organiser responded by saying he understands the site will not be shut down and that the petition is really a way of sending a message to critics that a lot of people disagree with their views. 

He added that the petition was "a way to express our anger."

The film's director, David Ayer hasn't let the negative critical response get him down. He responded to on Twitter by saying that he made the film for the fans. 

Critical reception aside, the film is on track for a record breaking opening weekend. The Hollywood Reporter are predicting a $130-140m opening which could see it best Deadpool's $134.2m opening. It would be the highest grossing August opening weekend in North America of all time. 

Whether the early critical response will affect those numbers remains to be seen.