We've said it before and we'll say it again - there is a brilliant documentary just waiting to be made about what's going in Warner Bros. and DC Comics behind the scenes and it'll blow The Kid Stays In The Picture, Hearts Of Darkness and every other film / studio documentary off the map.

The latest chapter in the future documentary concerns Suicide Squad 2, which has now landed itself a screenwriter in Adam Cozad, who previously penned the laughable-in-parts Legend Of Tarzan with Alexander Skarsgard's chiseled abs and Margot Robbie. Cozad previously wrote Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, which featured Kenneth Branagh's equally laughable-in-parts attempt at a Russian accent.

So far, no director has signed up is stupid enough to take on Suicide Squad 2, though names like Mel Gibson and Ruben Fleischer have been listed as potential candidates for the role. THR's report has it that Warner Bros. is charging forward with Suicide Squad 2 as a priority, and is keen to get the film in production as soon as possible.

Despite franchise-low reviews, Suicide Squad managed to rake in $745 million at the global box-office, which was enough for for Warner Bros. to put the sequel into action and reminded us all that humanity deserves its eventual extinction.