If you're a journalist at Cannes and you'd like to interview Kristen Stewart or Brad Pitt then you best bring your chequebook.

According to Deadline.com, Alliance, a Canadian studio, are putting a price on the head of the stars for an aul' yap - but only if you happen to be Canadian (eh?). Said studio spewed, "Alliance decided not to partake in the Cannes junkets for Killing Them Softly (Pitt's crime flick) and On the Road (Kristen's Walter Salles helmed starrer), however we wanted to provide Canadian journalists the opportunity to participate directly if they so choose." Seems a bit odd. A source told Deadline, "Of course it looks bad. But with the company possibly for sale, there’s a lot of pressure to keep as many costs down as possible. A pricey Cannes junket for two American movies that are already coming here later seemed an obvious place to save money." Not really with that kind of press. 

The one thing that could provide an issue is the actual talent. Pitt and Stewart aren't exactly forthcoming about personal issues, so if an outlet is paying for a chat, they might feel a bit more pressure to be "on". Anyway, it looks shit regardless. To talk to Pitt will set you back a steep $3,232; while a bit of one-on-one with Bella Swan is a somewhat cheaper $1,293.  According to Sheena Cheryl Cole is giving out freebies, though. Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?