Oh you kooky movie studios; always thinking of random movies to remake. This morning comes the news that Disney Pictures are reportedly developing a reboot of the - then flop - 1991 adventure film, The Rocketeer.

The original flick centred on a very handsome fellow who raced planes. He was played by the very handsome Billy Campbell who ironically spent the majority of the film wearing a steel helmet that covered his face as he flew about the gaff with his rocket-propelled backpack. It had a cool retro 50s setting and was directed by Joe Johnson who went on to take the helm of the Captain America movie. It owed a couple of things to the comic Iron Man and in turn the Robert Downey Jr. starring film had a few things in common with the 1991 flick. While it was a box-office failure then, it's garnered strong cult status since. 

Anyhow, this is the bottom of the barrel being scraped. I don't know how it won't feel like a shoddy knock-off of Iron Man.