Steven Spielberg's latest movie, the languid War Horse, is released in Irish cinemas today and isn't really very good. But one movie we're all hoping will be very good, is the Daniel Day-Lewis starring Abraham Lincoln biopic that he's currently working on. The legendary director talked to the folks at about that production and future projects. 

"I just finished shooting a movie about Abraham Lincoln staring Daniel Day-Lewis which I am so deeply proud of. But because I am right in the middle of the editing of Lincoln, I’m not really going to speak and talk very much about that until the time is right to talk about it." What about after Lincoln though Mr Beardy Director Man? "And I’m making a science fiction movie probably in September called Robopocalypse based on Daniel Wilson’s book. It’s a cautionary tale about war between human beings and robots. It’s a big crowd pleaser, I think, a big action popcorn movie with a message. The message is actually in the popcorn! You have to get the popcorn, dig down deep in the bottom and they’ll be a message about what Robopocalypse is really about! And I have a couple of other plans which I don’t want to go into because they’re too far out of the horizon. But there’s a lot of work ahead, a lot of television my company is producing for some of the networks and some of the cable outlets. So I’m busy!”

I don't get the bit about the popcorn.