The beard himself, Steven Spielberg, has apparently entered "formal talks" about directing the Moses epic Gods and Kings, according to the folks at Twitchfilm.

Spielberg is currently very busy, having just seen the family adventure flick, Tin Tin released, while Oscar hopeful War Horse is due for a run at theatres over Christmas. He's been circling a lot of projects recently, and is still to roll cameras on the Daniel Day Lewis starring Lincoln biopic he's been planning for a long time. 'Gods' already has a script written by Michael Green and Stuart Hazeldine, which apparently takes in the biblical figures entire life - including The Ten Commandments. So a proper biopic then.

There is of course no guarantee that he'll come on board, but if he does he'll quickly make it a high profile tent pole for funding studio Warner Bros. There's also a Cleopatra flick in development (with David Fincher interested and Angelia Jolie set to star) and a Noah's Ark production that Darren Aronofsky is slated to helm. Shit just got biblical.