Steven Spielberg's next two movies have been locked; one will be a war film starring Tom Hanks (it worked pretty well last time, in fairness) the other a big screen adaptation of The BFG.

The iconic director did a similar thing in the 90s when he made of a batch of films together; Saving Private Ryan, Amistad and Jurassic Park 2. When he gets going he really works hard does Senor Spielbergo.

The so far untitled Hanks flick will come first; according to Dark Horizons it will centre on an "American lawyer recruited by the CIA to negotiate the release of a U.S. spy plane pilot from Russia in 1960." That's slated for a release towards the end of next year.

Then Spielberg will tackle the Roald Dahl classic The BFG, about an orphan girl who has a touching friendship with a dream hunting giant. It's sweeter than it sounds, trust us. That will be a summer tentpole for 2016.

IMDB are also saying he's directing another Indiana Jones, but that would push it to 2018 or so, so can't see it happening. Although, he's juggled three projects before...