We met Steve Carell and can confirm, he is a gentleman.

Steve Carell has been increasingly turning to drama in his recent career. He made a name for himself in the likes of 'Anchorman' and 'The 40 Year Old Virgin'. However his latest films, 'Welcome to Marwen' and 'Beautiful Boy', take a more serious turn.

We interviewed Carell for the former, which tells the story of Mark Hogancamp. After suffering a brutal assault that nearly kills him, Mark takes comfort in taking photographs of a World War II miniature village he constructed.

The character is left with severe PTSD after being attacked. We asked Steve Carell about what he thinks about mental health in general and whether the resources are there for those suffering from it.

"It's interesting, my mom for thirty years was a psychiatric nurse on a psych unit," he answered. "And I got to know that world a little bit through her and the care that she gave people. She worked the night shift too, she worked from 11 at night until 7 in the morning, for my entire childhood. So I saw her struggle with it from inside the system and it's tough. There are certainly no easy answers.

"I think it's a much bigger issue than people know or than is commonly understood. And to your point in terms of health care, it definitely falls short. I don't think it gets the kind of interest or exposure that it should, and the funding. But maybe that's just seeing what my mum had to go through and the limited resources that they had at the hospital that she worked at.

"But you know, there are a lot of great people working there and fighting the good fight."

You can watch the interview in full here:

We also spoke to his co-star Leslie Mann about the film.

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