It's safe to say that The Dark Tower's rocky path to the screen is worthy of a documentary all by itself.

It's passed through so many directors in its lifespan, including JJ Abrams and Ron Howard, but now that it's finally headed to the screen with Nikolaj Arcel behind the camera with Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey in front of it. Filming wrapped in July, however EW is now reporting that its release date has been pushed back from February 2017 to an indeterminate month in the summer.

This is a pretty interesting move, to say the least. Sources who spoke to EW say that it's to facilitate post-production - and that most likely is the case - but moving it from February, which is typically the dumping months for studios, to the summer says a lot. It's entirely possible that Sony executives saw some of the footage for The Dark Tower and OK'd the date change as they feel there's something strong.

Moreover, giving it the opportunity and time for post-production means that there's a better chance of it being, well, better. As well as this, Sony is keeping the costs down on the effects as it's not paying for rush charges on the film - which means that the film will still meet its $60 million budget.

An early trailer leaked online some weeks ago with unfinished effects, but an official announcement is expected shortly with a first trailer likely to drop something before the end of month, if not sooner.


Via EW