In case you hadn't heard, Stargate - that film with Kurt Russell and James Spader and Egyptian aliens (really) - is getting a reboot.

It's weird, people are actually more familiar with Stargate via the TV show with MacGuyver and the spin-off of the spin-off with Robert Carlyle that nobody watched.

You mention the film and it's like "Oh yeah, that! With the guy from Secretary / Wolf / The Blacklist!"

So, moving on as we are, the reboot with Roland Emmerich, the original's director, has hired two young writers who worked with him on Independence Day 2's script.

Nicolas Wright and James A. Woods both have ZERO writing credits to their name, however their draft of Independence Day 2 was enough to see studio heads greenlight the whole thing on that alone.

So, what do we think of a Stargate reboot? It's clear Emmerich is going back to the well to try generate a bit of buzz about his career.

White House Down wasn't the hit he probably expected it to be and Anonymous, that Shakespeare thing, was just plain daft and boring.

We're not holding our breath for the Stargate reboot, but it's gonna be interesting to see if Emmerich can make lightning strike twice.