As we near the final weeks towards The Force Awakens, we're starting to get a better understanding of what the film will be like.

A really good indicator is, of course, its rating which the MPAA - America's ratings board - have just announced. The Force Awakens was issued with a PG-13 rating, making it only the second Star Wars film in the franchise to receive such a rating.

Revenge of the Sith, arguably the best of the prequel trilogy, received a PG-13 rating back in 2005 for its pretty bleak atmosphere and frequent on-screen deaths by Hayden Christensen.

Of course, the only casualty of that film was Christensen's career. HAH.

Anyway, The Force Awakens' PG-13 rating shouldn't worry Disney, as the film has already $50,000,000 - that's FIFTY MILLION - in pre-sales already and the film is expected to have the biggest opening of all time. As for whether parents will be able to bring young children under 13 to see it is another story.

The trailers have shown quite a number of battle sequences and we're guessing there's plenty more besides. Not only that, Adam Driver's character, Kylo Ren, looks genuinely frightening in places and that torture scene from the trailer with Oscar Isaac looks seriously intense. The MPAA's rating suggested sci-fi action violence, which can mean anything.

Over here, IFCO have yet to issue a rating on the film, although it's expected in the coming weeks before the film's release on December 16th.