Now, we face into the long, agonising wait for Episode VIII.

Earlier today, Rian Johnson posted a short five-second video of him with the final slate of the final shot, thus confirming that Episode VIII has now completed filming and is now officially in post-production. The release date, as we know, has been set for December 15th, 2017.

This means that Rian Johnson has one year, four months and twenty-four days - as of writing - to get the film completed and ready for viewing. There's no word yet on specifics, but our guess is that Episode VIII will follow a similar vein to The Force Awakens when it comes to CGI and post-production effects.

A lot of what made The Force Awakens special for us was the fact that the special effects looked like they were done in-camera and with real props and explosions. At last weekend's Star Wars Celebration, Rian Johnson spoke about the amount of sets they built for Episode VIII whilst Gareth Edwards, who's currently putting the final touches to Rogue One, said that the benefit of having a set is that there are so many shots you wouldn't even think of.

There's still be no word, official or otherwise, on what Episode VIII's title will be. It was expected by everyone, ourselves included, that this year's Celebration might tell us more. That now appears to no longer be the case and it's doubtful we'll know any time soon.

A lot of that is most likely down to Rogue One, which was the centre of attention for this year's Celebration. It's entirely possible that once Rogue One has been through the cinemas, there's every chance that we'll start to see more information makes it way online about Episode VIII.

In the meantime, here's the tweet in question.