While 'Episode IX' has been kept tightly under wraps, we're now basically a year out from the movie from this week.

There's no word on when a trailer is coming, scant confirmation on casting, and we don't even have a title yet. However, in a feature with Empire, John Boyega confirmed one tiny morsel of news that's enough to get 'Star Wars' salivating.

Namely, that 'Episode IX' will be set one year after the events of 'The Last Jedi'. Here's a snippet from the piece itself posted on Twitter.

While a time-jump doesn't exactly tell a whole lot about the plot, it may give some indication about how they're going to deal with Carrie Fisher's passing and how they intend to write General Leia out of the series.

'Return of the Jedi' picked up pretty much a day or two after 'The Empire Strikes Back', whilst 'A New Hope' followed 'The Empire Strikes Back' was maybe a couple of months.

The only movie in the franchise that had a significant time-jump was between 'The Phantom Menace' and 'Attack of the Clones', when Hayden Christensen played a twenty-something Anakin Skywalker and took over from young Jake Lloyd.

'Star Wars: Episode IX' hits Irish cinemas on December 20th, 2019.