While JJ Abrams' Star Trek reboot may have relaunched the franchise back into our consciousness, the Grand Bespectacled One has since moved on to another 'Star' franchise.

It being Star Wars, in case you've been living in carbonite for the past six months. That's a little Star Wars joke. MOVING ON.

Simon Pegg's been on the press circuit for Man Up and, during one such interview, Pegg made some off-the-cuff remarks about nerd culture.

For which he was drawn over the coals and has since clarified said comments. That's fine. Whatever.

However, what Pegg casually let slip into his personal blog post about said comments was the title of the third Star Trek movie.

It's been rumoured for quite some time now that the proposed title would be Star Trek Beyond. It would appear that Pegg has confirmed said rumours as he signed off his post, saying that he's gone back to writing it.

So, thoughts? It definitely ties in with everything we've heard so far that the new film will be more about the frontier and exploration as opposed to prolonged action setpieces.

It follows on nicely from Star Trek Into Darkness in that it's not trying to outdo the last one with DARKNESS.

So, yeah, should be interesting. We're not entirely sure what Justin Lin will bring to the table, but we're hopeful.


Via SimonPegg.net