To say we're merely excited about Star Trek Into Darkness would be a massive understatement. Listening here to director JJ Abrams discuss how the action in this film is 'lightyears' beyond anything he's ever done before, or anything any of us have probably seen before for that matter, it's safe to say our Trekkie juices are in full flow.

In the first behind the scenes look featurette, Abrams, Zachary Pinto, Chris Pine and Zoe Saldana explain how this is what IMAX and 3D were made for; Star Trek Into Darkness is the perfect movie to fully realise the technology's potential. No word from Mr Cumberbatch but we're pretty sure they're saving him up 'til they're closer to D Day.

Bring it on!

You can also watch my interview with Chris Pine here where he discusses the challenges associated with returning to the role of Captain Kirk for the second time.