Looks like we won't have to wait all that long for the third installment in JJ Abrams' Star Trek franchise, what with Zachary Quinto revealing that filming could begin as early as next year.

Speaking at the Galway Film Fleadh, the actor who plays Spock to absolute perfection said: "Star Trek 3 should be filming, I suppose, next year... It's going to be made a lot quicker than the last one. That's the plan, although nothing is confirmed yet."

Well it'd certainly keep the momentum going, these things are better off kept going than dwindling away to nothing but a distant memory. We want more Spock and we want it now. But how will he juggle all of that what with the small matter of a Star Wars movie to helm? We had to wait four years between Star Trek 1 and 2, please don't keep us waiting that long again.

One thing's for damn sure, JJ Abrizzle's going to be one busy man.

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