Steven Spielberg is lining up his next directorial project following the news DreamWorks Pictures have acquired the rights to The 39 Clues, a groundbreaking multi-platform adventure series of books. The story centres around a powerful family called The Cahills, and it's up to the reader to find the 39 Clues hidden throughout the series of books and decipher the mystery about how this family got their fortune. The first in the series of 10 books will be released this September and the publishers claim that it will combine the traditional element of reading with the more 21st century concepts of online gaming and card collecting. "The 39 Clues takes creative leaps to expand the story experience from the pages of the books to multiple stages of discovery and imagination," Spielberg said in a statement. Is this a revolutionary new style of children's books or just a cynical excuse to get parents to shell out even more money on their kids' hobbies? You decide.