Whatever your feelings on Minions might be, one thing's for certain - they're big, big draws for audiences.

Sure enough, a third Despicable Me was bound to happen and casting has already begun. At this year's CinemaCon, South Park co-creator Trey Parker was unveiled as the voice behind Balthazar Bratt, the villain for the upcoming animated threequel.

According to reports, Balthazar Bratt is a former '80s child star who's become so beaten by the world that he plots world domination - as you do. In order to stop people mocking him once and for all, he plans to take over the world, because you can't be mocked when you're the leader of the world, right? Makes sense.

Returning is Steve Carrell as Gru and so to are Elsie Fisher and Dana Gaier as Elsie and Edith, respectively.

It's a while yet before Despicable Me 3 hits our screen as release has been scheduled for June 30th, 2017.  What makes Trey Parker such an interesting choice is that, for one, this is the first time he's worked on a project that he hasn't himself directed and it's something a lot more family-friendly.

Is Trey Parker trying to shift away from South Park, perhaps? Who knows. Still, it's going to be interesting to see how it all plays out.


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