Source Code was one of the most underrated sci-fi thrillers of 2011 and the last few years, in fact.

Jake Gyllenhaal played a soldier who wakes up in a time-loop and has to solve how an explosion took place.

It's a weird, great little film and we really enjoyed it.

A TV series had been planned, but didn't make it to the pilot stages.

That, however, hasn't stopped producers. They've lined up Anna Foerster, who's directed several episodes of new TV series Outlander and was a cinematographer for Roland Emmerich, to replace Duncan Jones as director.

Jones is currently putting the final touches to Warcraft, a new film based on the popular MMORPG.

Ben Ripley, the screenwriter for the first one, has a script ready to go.

No cast has been lined up yet, but we're interested to see how this turns out.

No release date has been confirmed as yet.




via Variety