The nirvana for lovers of all things movies, TV, videogames and … comic-books, we guess, Comic-Con is kicking off in San Diego from July 18th to 21st, and will be host to some of the biggest releases of the next twelve months. Trailers and previews and stills and behind-the-scenes footage of just about every major movie you can think of will be present… except for one biggie.

Disney will have a strong presence at Comic-Con this year, showing off the likes of Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but one thing it won't be bringing to the largest collection of Star Wars fans in a single location is, ironically, Star Wars.

Instead, Disney will be having its cake and eating it too, debuting any new information about Star Wars Episode Seven at their own version of Comic-Con, the D23 Expo in California from August 9th to 11th. So far all that has been confirmed are retrospective events, all looking back over the franchise to date, but don't be surprised if director JJ Abrams rocks up with anything from a teaser trailer, an official title for Episode Seven, or the entire frickin' cast!
Check back in with for any of the juicy news from both Comic-Con and D23 as they're released.