Steve Jobs passed away at the age of 56 last Wednesday, leaving behind a legacy that will surely stretch generations. The man is a huge part of why we listen to music the way we do, or use our phone for more than just speaking to people.

Now, shockingly, Sony Pictures are looking like the favourites to make a biopic of the life of Jobs. It wasn't all plain sailing before Apple became what it is today. Deadline claims the studio will pay a seven-figure sum for the feature rights to the authorised biography of the creative icon. Jobs founded Apple in the late 1970s with Steve Wozniak, and also co-founded Pixar. He lost a power struggle with the board of directors of Apple in 1985, but then returned in the 90s and made the company the powerhouse of technology it is today.

Sony, of course, made The Social Network, which David Fincher directed brilliantly. Someone with his inherent grasp of technology would be a perfect choice for this biopic.