Sacha Baron Cohen's new project has been awarded an official release date, hitting screens in the US on 31st of July next year.

The newest comedy from the mercurial Cohen is Grimsby, a film that follows a British Black Ops agent forced to go on the run with his moronic brother, a boisterous football hooligan. Co written by Cohen, Peter Baynham and Phil Johnston, the film will be the latest off the wall comedy from the Ali-G star.

The picture, originally signed to Paramount last August, has been picked up by Sony, who will now distribute the film. Louis Leterrier will direct, with shooting set to start this summer.

Despite the news that Grimsby has moved into Sony's hands, Sacha Baron Cohen's Four By Two Thirds Films have re-upped their first-look deal with Paramount by a three year term, committing to two movies.

Cohen, commenting on the renewal of the deal with Paramount told reporters:

"Any studio that puts out a movie where Leonardo DiCaprio snorts cocaine from a hooker’s anus is a place I’m happy to call home."

Some buaichaill.

Source: Deadline