We've already discussed why Lucasfilm and Disney are withholding footage of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but it seems that it's definitely coming soon.

Yesterday, footage from The Last Jedi was screened to Disney shareholders and a select few in Los Angeles, with Disney CEO Bob Iger introducing the footage. As you'd expect, there's no actual footage making its way online as Disney has security locked down harder than the plans for the Death Star - wait, no, that doesn't work.

Anyway, one journalist - Daniel Miller of the LA Times - was at the event and was good enough to tweet out what he saw. First up was the opening line of dialogue uttered by Luke Skywalker to Rey, which some people are claiming blows out the theory that they're related.

Next up, we had glimpses of General Leia Organa, Chewie and Finn, the exotic locations in The Last Jedi, an X-Wing under attack in a gigantic ship (the guy's words, could be anything) and someone (he wouldn't say who) shouting another line of dialogue.

Here's his tweets on the subject.





So, what does this tell us about The Last Jedi? Well, not a whole lot. Obviously, we knew that Chewbacca, General Organa, Finn, Luke Skywalker and Rey were going to feature in it. We still don't know what Benicio Del Toro, Laura Dern or anyone else has to do with the story and we're still no closer to knowing when we'll see a trailer for the film.

The giant ship mentioned is interesting, but again, there's so little hard information out there that all we can do is speculate. Our guess? Probably some kind of Super-Star Destroyer, the ship that Darth Vader was rampaging around in during The Empire Strikes Back.

There's still no confirmed date for a trailer, but The Last Jedi's release date remains unchanged. 282 days, people.

We can do this.


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