It's unclear yet as to whether or not imperial probe droids captured this footage, but someone has taken a few snaps from above the set of Star Wars Episode VII.

It's undoubtedly going to be one of the most hotly anticipated movies of all time, so it should come as no surprise that the odd leak from the set or a picture that can give us an idea of what to expect is going to appear online at some stage. 

Matthew Myatt, of the Airbourne Aviation flying club, managed to get just that after he snapped a partially-built Millennium Falcon and an X-Wing on the set of the new movie, in Greenham Common, Berkshire. It's a former RAF base that's being used for shooting the new movie, and Myatt had flown over it without knowing that it was a location for filming during the weekend. While reviewing the footage he captured, he noticed the iconic ship and decided to share the snap online. 

Star Wars aficionados online have suggested that they may be filming there as it would be a good fit for the planet Dantooine.

Via Huffington Post