So remember when Michael Bay apologised for Armageddon? Funnily enough, most of you spoke out to say that he didn't need to apologise for it at all, that you actually quite enjoyed the cheesefest and that if he was going to make any apologies, there's a fair few movies that came AFTER Armageddon that were far from fantastic.

Since the blogosphere went a bit mental with the whole apology malarky, with critics assessing the movie all over again, Bay has retracted his statement via his blog and clarified that he's actually quite proud of his end-is-nigh blast fest. Though critically torn to shreds, Bay stands by his project, saying:

"One press writer has gone too far in reporting false information... He has printed the bare minimum of my statement, which in effect has twisted my words and meaning. I'm not in the slightest going to apologise for the third movie in my movie career, a film called Armageddon"

He continued: "What I clearly said to the reporter, is I wish I had more time to edit the film, specifically the third act. He asked me in effect what would you change if you could in your movies if you could go back. I said, I wish we had a few more weeks in the edit room on Armageddon. And still today Armageddon, is one of the most shown movies on cable TV. And yes, I'm proud of the movie. Enough said."

Now Armageddon fans, feeling better?