He's been busy filming Transformers in the US of A, but now we've finally had our first sneak peek at Jack Reynor's American debut alongside Vince Vaughn and Cobie Smulders in The Delivery Man.

A remake of French-Canadian film Starbuck, The Delivery Man focuses on Vaughn's David Wozniak. He discovers that the sperm he donated to a fertility clinic has been used to father 533 children when his lawyer (played by Parks and Recreation star Chris Pratt) informs him that 142 of them are suing to discover his identity. Happy days, eh?

Anyway, it looks like our Jack is one of the kids who is hunting for his daddy, so we can imagine he'll have quite the interesting part to play. We're delighted to see his star just keep on rising: Sure didn't himself and the boys from What Richard Did make it all the way to the Tribeca Film Festival? And to keep the whole Irish theme going, our own Simon Delaney is listed among The Delivery Man cast too. We're taking over lads, seriously.

Expect to see The Delivery Man in Irish cinemas some time in October 2013.