Steven Spielberg is looking to work with Mr. Will Smith on a remake of the brilliant Korean film Old Boy. Original centred on a man who was imprisoned for 15 years, after being kidnapped; he is then one day given money, a mobile and some clothes and sent on a path to discover who ruined his life. It's a fantastically well done film with a warped sense of humour and shocking twist that may make you a smidge queasy. We can't see Big Willy playing the exact same character, so needless to say the ending will be changed. Apparently the twosome have been looking for a project to collaborate on for some time; with both ultimately circling this one. Nicolas Cage and Justin "Annapolis" Lin had been developing a remake, but bailed when the material proved to be difficult to translate. Spielberg is next slated to direct Tin Tin, while Smith is headlining Seven Pounds.