After opening to an extremely healthy $35 million at the US box-office, talk of a sequel to The Expendables has already begun, with the film's star, director and co-writer, Sylvester Stallone, giving The Hollywood Reporter his thoughts on a possible follow-up:

"It's plotted out in my mind's eye." He told the trade paper, "I believe this group has to continue to evolve; it just can't become the same people. So how do you get new people introduced into the group, and how do you have some of the other people leaving? Those are the challenges." Jackie Chan and Tony Jaa should be waiting by the phone by the sounds of it... or maybe A-Team star, and UFC Fighter Rampage Jackson

While that is a hefty opening, the film is being heavily marketed, here at least, as a teaming of Stallone, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger; when in reality they share one, supposedly short, scene. That means word of mouth may not be stellar. Still, I haven't seen it yet and am looking forward to doing just that regardless.