Sleepless Night (Jam mot deuneun bam)

Director: Jang Kun-jae

2012 / South Korea / 65 minutes

Cast: Kim Soo-hyun, Kim Joo-ryeong

Winner, Grand Prize and Audience Award, Jeonju International Film Festival

After his debut, Eighteen, which evoked youthful impulses with electrifying authenticity, Jang Kun-jae’s follow-up, Sleepless Night, initially seems as staid and uneventful as the marriage of the thirtysomethings he depicts. Yet Night’s unassuming brilliance lies in the lyricism of love itself, which it tenderly infuses into every precisely framed and edited shot of the most quotidian activities.

The picture imperceptibly penetrates the cozy neighbourhood of factory employee Hyun-soo (Kim Soo-hyun) and his yoga-instructor wife Joon-hee (Kim Joo-ryeong), building pleasurable momentum from their ups and downs (a birthday party, work hassles, speculation about having babies) that are universal yet deeply personal to the protagonists. Daydreams and nightmares suggest subconscious anxieties, revealing a rippling emotional current beneath the characters’ daily pleasantries. The actors wear their roles like a second skin. Excerpts from Bach’s Goldberg Variations imbue intimate moments with a serene, contemplative air.

Maggie Lee, Variety


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