And now for some more Skyfall teasing; courtesy of the folk at Total Film, we got a sneap peak at some of the stills from the movie. Well it's looking very action packed indeed. Javier Bardem's villain looks sure to impress as he spreads terror on the London underground while Daniel Craig's shirtless body looks UNREAL. Apologies, there's just no eloquent way of putting it, is there. Look at him there, standing in front of the mirror, *dribbles*.

Berenice Marlohe's not looking too bad herself in a stunning wrap around dress. The only thing we take issue with is Daniel Craig's pants. Aren't they a little too fitted? Surely sprinting around chasing bad guys would cause such a garment to wrip, no?

Anyway, Skyfall is shaping up to be one hell of a movie. Come ON October 26th!