Sam Mendes' Skyfall is well on its way to becoming the most successful Bond film of all time, having racked up an astonishing $1 billion (€758 million) globally since its release. The 23rd Bond movie, and Daniel Craig's third in the suit, will also be opening in China, the world's most populist country, on January 21st which will doubtless significantly raise the film's totals.

Skyfall is only the 14th movie to ever pass $1 billion and is, by far, the most profitable Bond movie ever made. The film has been in record-breaking mood recently, as it also became the very first movie to break £100 million in the UK.

The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises also were the two other films to break through the billion dollar glass ceiling this year.

Jeff Blake, vice chairman of Sony, commented on the feat, saying: "To see a film connect with audiences is always gratifying, but the success of this film is nothing short of extraordinary. After 50 years of entertaining audiences all over the world, Skyfall is the most successful James Bond film of all time."