I had the absolute pleasure of catching up with a genuine legend as I attended the press junket for new Pixar film, Cars 2 in London yesterday.

Sir Michael Caine has been making films for longer than George Clooney or Brad Pitt has been alive and is still going incredibly strong. I would've loved to have more time with him (TV slots are always short), but I did get to quiz him a little and learnt a couple of things. (1) The Dark Knight Rises has finished shooting in the UK and production has now moved to America. Caine let slip that he would not be going to America "for some time." Could mean anything; Alfred generally doesn't take part in action sequences and that may be what their shooting in America. (2) The end of Inception was real. "I've always said that if I was there then It's real," he told me as I was leaving.

You should be able to see my interview with Sir Michael, and with another very cool chap Jason Issacs tomorrow afternoon. I also caught up with Pixar bigwig John Lasseter.