Irish director John Carney looks set to direct Will Ferrell in his next project. 

Carney, who's latest film Sing Street is set to be released later this month, is in talks to direct an as yet untitled script focusing on the partnership between cult film director Russ Meyer and legendary film critic Roger Ebert. 

The two men decided to work together on a film called Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. Legend has it that they hammered out a treatment in three days, a first draft in three weeks, and the finished screenplay in six. Meyer labelled the film his 'masterpiece' while Ebert proudly called it "a camp sexploitation horror musical that ends in quadruple ritual murder and a triple wedding". It was released, to raised eyebrows, as one of the few major studio films with an X rating in the States and became a profitable hit, sparking an enduring friendship between the two men. 

Will Ferrell is attached to play Russ Meyer while Josh Gad (The Wedding Ringer) will play Ebert.

Via Empire